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We offer funding for a wide range of industries and flexible funding requirements that most businesses can easily obtain. Our competitors are challenged to offer this combination of services due to their standard underwriting infrastructure and limited industry experience.

At Advanced Funding Group we understand that choosing a funding source can be a difficult decision. We also understand the day to day difficulties that businesses face in this delicate economy. It is our mission to get the funding you need, when you need it. Advanced Funding Group will help with your businesses financial needs and your long term goals for the business.

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Get the funding you need when you need it...We take the time to understand your business, be there whenever you need us and help navigate business risks.


Recent years have proven not only challenging but also worrying for businesses


Medical Factoring is produced when a health care provider renders service or a

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Finance can provide you with the required capital to fulfill


If you are a small business and you are billing out invoices which are due in 30 days

Freight and Trucking

With Advanced Funding Group, running a truck company doesn’t have to be

Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advance is your best source for

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