Factoring Services Overview

If you are a small business and you are billing out invoices which are due in 30 days but your customers take up to 30, 60, or 90 days to pay you, then invoice factoring is the answer to your cash flow problems. Receivable factoring allows you to leverage your invoices to gain direct access to cash. If you are a growing company you may have a lot of money trapped in your receivable’s. Factoring unlike a conventional lender, will in fact, create fast growth and immediate cash flow that will enable the working capital needed to grow your business.

One of the reasons for business failure in the U.S. today is lack of available funds. Many of these bankruptcies could have been prevented if the company would have known how to more effectively manage their cash flow issues. That is where Advanced Funding Group comes in. We can make sure that you are never faced with that dilemma again.

The Process of Factoring

Through the process of accounts receivable factoring, you may sell your receivables {or invoices} to a funding source (a “Factor”). Typically, the Factor will advance you 70% to 90% of your total amount and hold 10% to 30% in reserve. When the Factor collects on the receivables, it will reimburse the reserve amount minus the Factor’s fee which is typically 1.59% to 6%. Within the first month of factoring you will practically be running a C.O.D. business. With a network of over 100 funding sources available, including factoring companies, we can provide virtually any type of financial request locally, nationally, or internationally. As a source of business, factoring has no equal. It is the most immediate, readily available and most powerful method of providing working capital for growing a company.

  • No paperwork, no contracts, and no hidden fees. Get control of your cash flow with an advance in as little as 24 hours.
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