Manufacturing and Wholesale Factoring

Recent years have proven not only challenging but also worrying for businesses operating in the manufacturing sector. With order books declining, margin pressures and ever-increasing array of regulations to keep up with, these are challenging times for the sector.

The Solution:
We work with many businesses that operate in the manufacturing sector and can offer many ways of helping your business grow.

Improving Cash Flow:
We can help you improve your cash flow by providing an advance of cash against the value of your outstanding invoices. Then, as you raise an invoice, we can release up to 90% of the value of that invoice within 24 hours. The remaining 10% is paid to you, less a small service fee once we receive payment from your customer.

How Much Does it Cost?
Our services are tailored to your business so the fees will depend on your specific needs. There are two types of fees. The first is the cost of the money you use, which is extremely competitive when compared with other types of finance. The second is a service fee, which encompasses the collections service. We are happy to provide a proposal if you have any questions.

Saving you time through Invoice Collection:
We can also save you valuable management time. Time better spent focusing on growing your business.

We provide a receivables management service where we go after and collect outstanding invoices from your customers on your behalf, so that you have more time to concentrate on growing new business.

We will prepare and send out statements, follow up with a call to some of your customers, as well as collect payments while maintaining a professional and accurate detail of all of your accounts and transactions.

There is a 24-hour online access to your reports including scanned images of the checks we receive.

You remain in control by working with a dedicated team of people who ensure your customers are happy to deal with us as they are with you.

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