Purchase Order Finance

Purchase Order Finance can provide you with the required capital to fulfill your customer’s purchase order. The funds provided are used for the explicit purpose of fulfilling the order and delivering the goods to your customer.

Purchase Order Finance works very closely with its clients to structure the financing so that each transaction is facilitated and completed within the terms and conditions of the purchase order, contract, or letter of credit. The relationship with our client is one of a partnership, limited to each transaction.

Purchase Order Finance can guarantee of pay up to 100% of your goods’ hard cost. Once the goods are shipped to your customer and delivery is confirmed, our factoring facility pays for the advanced purchase order portion.

With professionals and resources exclusively dedicated to purchase order funding and the international presence and expertise to set your cash flow free, PO Finance is the solution when new business opportunities exist.

A Typical Purchase Order Financing Transaction

1. The customer submits an order to the seller (you) with all documents

2. The seller submits the purchase order to PO Finance for purchase order financing.

3. PO Finance pays seller’s suppliers directly to cover the hard cost of the Purchase Order. This payment may be in the form of a Supplier Guarantee, Standby, Letter of Credit, or Cash.

4. The supplier delivers the materials to the seller or directly to customer

5. Finished goods are delivered to customer

6. The seller submits an invoice corresponding to the purchase order financed by PO Finance.

7. The factoring company will purchase the invoice submitted by seller to customer.

8. The Factor advances on the purchased invoice and pays the portion funded by PO Finance plus any fees due.

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